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Other Ceremonies

As a professional celebrant I am also available to officiate at the following ceremonies:


Naming ceremonies are predominantly held for babies or young children. However, I also offer a range of ceremonies for older children and adults.

Reaffirmations (Renewal of Marriage Vows)

A reaffirmation ceremony or renewal of marriage vows can be carried out at any time after the original marriage ceremony. However, the ceremony is normally celebrated at or around an important date, like an anniversary.


This is a unique ceremony that recognises the relationship that has been established and also acknowledges the future of the couple.


A commitment ceremony is held for those people who can not for a multitude of reasons be legally married. Or who for some personal reason do not want to marry but want to formalise the relationship with a ceremony.

Commitment ceremonies are conducted in a similar fashion as a marriage ceremony; however, for legal reasons the vows are altered so as not to confuse the ceremony with a legal marriage.

Hand Fasting

Hand fasting ceremonies are frequently incorporated into a wedding or commitment ceremony. These ceremonies can be celebrated by using a single ribbon or platted tie or as many as ten ribbons or ties.

Divorce or Closure

Divorce ceremonies are offered to give closure to one or both of the parties involved. These ceremonies can be very beneficial to a person who feels betrayed by their previous partner. The ceremony can also be used to commence a new beginning.

A ceremony can also be held when a person has left a work position and feels that a ceremony would be appropriate.


A funeral ceremony is one of the oldest ceremonies known to mankind. This service offers closure to those left behind and is always handled delicately. Each funeral service must be individually crafted to suit the person. As we are all individuals we all require a unique ceremony to acknowledge that we have been an integral part of this world.

Companion Animal Funerals

For many people including myself our animals are our children. Be a Cat, Dog or Bird they are a part of our family. As such when a pet passes away they too deserve the right to a ceremony to recognise their lives and the effect that they have had on our families.

Boat, Aircraft, Car and House Naming’s

As the name suggests a suitable name is officially given to a boat, aircraft, car or home. In the case of boats and aircraft there are definite rules to be followed so as not to offend the maritime or aerial gods.

First Scratch Ceremonies

Many people worry about the first scratch that they will get on their brand new boat, aircraft or car. This ceremony alleviates the stress of the actual damage. The ceremony normally takes place before the damage has occurred, however, normally there is a small scratch placed on a selected part of the vehicle during the ceremony.

Official Openings for new Businesses and Buildings

This is an official way of acknowledging the commencement of a new business venture or the opening of a new building, park or bridge.

Crossing the Line Ceremony

This ceremony is normally performed when people are crossing the equator for the first time. However, this ceremony can also be used when crossing any of the latitude or longitude lines that divide our planet. And in some cases the line can be moved to suit the occasion.

"How can we thank you enough, the ceremony that you helped us to write said exactly what we wanted it to say. And your professionalism was something that we will always remember. My sister is getting married next year and she was so impressed by your performance that she will be contacting you in the next week or two to book you for her ceremony."

Paul and Lisina

"Thank you for adding your special touches and humour to our wedding day. It was a great relief to feel at ease in your competent hands"

Lorraine and John
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