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Marriage Ceremonies

About Marriage Ceremonies

I understand that most people want to celebrate their special day with a ceremony that is unique and reflective of their personalities. My aim is to ensure that the ceremony that you choose is legal and meaningful.

Consequently, I can assist you to do this by offering plethora of poems, readings, vows, rituals and ceremonies for you to take away and choose from.

Alternately, I can assist you to write your own personal ceremony from an idea that you may have.

As a Federally appointed Marriage Celebrant I am willing and able to solemnise your marriage at any time or place within Australia, or Australian Territorial waters.

Legal Information

Legal Aspects:

All couples wanting to be married in Australia are required to complete a “Notice of Intended Marriage” (click link and save on your computer) form and lodge it with the celebrant of their choice a minimum of one calendar month and one day. And no more than eighteen months prior to the wedding taking place.

Depending on your circumstances this form MUST be supported by the following documentation:

  • An original Birth Certificate
  • An original Overseas Passport (An Australian Passport is NOT acceptable)

People who have been previously married must also supply:

  • An original Divorce Certificate or a Divorce Absolute
  • An original Death Certificate
  • An original certificate of legal nullity (not a Church Nullity)

If the person has legally changed their name:

  • An original Deed Poll or Name Change Certificate

During the week before the ceremony date the marrying couple are required to attend a meeting to check their certificates for accuracy and to sign declarations stating that they are free to marry.

Legalities for the Ceremony:

There are only three things that are legally required for the actual ceremony to take place:

  • There is a legal statement that ALL celebrants are required to state. This explains what marriage means in Australia. (Section 46 (2) of the Marriage Act 1961 As amended
  • The vows MUST comply with the current legal ruling of Section 45 (2) of the Marriage Act 1961 As amended
  • There must be two witnesses who are over the age of 18 years present to witness the documents

Further information: Getting Married in Australia – click here

"How can we thank you enough, the ceremony that you helped us to write said exactly what we wanted it to say. And your professionalism was something that we will always remember. My sister is getting married next year and she was so impressed by your performance that she will be contacting you in the next week or two to book you for her ceremony."

Paul and Lisina

"Thank you for adding your special touches and humour to our wedding day. It was a great relief to feel at ease in your competent hands"

Lorraine and John
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