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Ceremony Guide

Useful Information to assist on your Special Day:


When sending out your invitations tell your guests that the ceremony is 1/2 hour earlier than it really is, that way all the stragglers will arrive by the time it starts. If you intend to produce your own invitations using fancy paper. Purchase one page and run it through your printer. Frequently the ink will bleed or not dry. It is better to loose $1.00 than $100.00 on paper that you can not use.

Sun and Mosquitos

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, make sure your guests are not seated or standing with the sun shining into their eyes. Also make sure that the Mosquitos are not drinking their blood, like it was on special at the local hotel. In a bush setting it is a good idea to burn some mosquito coils.

Inclement Weather

Have a contingency plan in case the weatherman is not in a helpful mood. If it rains have someone go to the original venue to direct guests that could not be contacted to the new venue. This way everyone SHOULD arrive at the new venue.

The Venue

Holding the ceremony and reception at the same venue has the advantage of getting everyone together at the same time while no one can get lost in transit.

Ceremony Position

If you choose a venue with a range of locations for you to be married, then seek the advice of your photographer as to where to stand. He/she will know where the light will be for the best photos.

Shoes for the Girls

Most Brides look stunning in high heals but remember that if you are standing on the lawn, you will probably experience that “sinking feeling.” I have been told that it is difficult to stand on tiptoes during your ceremony. The best way around this is for the ladies to have either large chunky heals or flat shoes. However, if this is not possible arrange some carpet to be placed where the ceremony will take place. Then there is only the problem of walking to the place where the photographs will be taken.

Dress Sense

Many brides like to have low cut dresses, these look really good. But when the bride or bridesmaid bends over to sign the register, the Photographer will probably get some very revealing shots.


Children in the wedding party are seldom a problem. PROVIDING you realise that they are children. Consequently, you must think like a child and modify your needs to suit them. Small boys are often used as ring bearers and are asked to carry frilly cushions. For some boys this is not a problem. However, for others it is.

Consider purchasing a signature bear sewing ribbons onto the paws to allow the rings to be securely tied on. I have found over the years that many boys ranging in age from 2 to 14 years will drop kick a cushion, but happily cuddle a bear. Once the little fellow gets up the front have the best man take the rings and hold them. The little fellow has done his job and it will not matter if he wanders off to visit granny.

Little girls are often used as flower girls. Remember, that for a small child a bunch of flowers can get very heavy, so substitute the bunch for a basket. This works every time.

Never forget, that for most little girls, it is their wedding and the bride is just along for the ride.
If on the day of the wedding a child looses the plot and suddenly becomes shy, don’t stress, continue on as though nothing had happened. By the time the photos are to be taken they will have settled down and everything will be back on track.

Sun and Tide

A growing trend is to have wedding ceremonies on the beach or water front. When deciding on a time, it is best to refer to the tide tables, as it is a little embarrassing to find the tide has gone to New Zealand with all the water, leaving you with some rather smelly mud flats.

The same for sunset weddings. The sun will not wait for late brides and if you want to get those photographs with just the right light. First check with your photographer and DON’T be late.

Name Changing

For many years it has been the custom for a woman to change her surname to that of her new husband when they marry. This is a widely practised custom, both in Australia and other societies. It is however, a matter of choice. You are not legally required to change your name, and many woman do continue to use their own names after marriage.

Don’t Forget…

The main thing to remember on your special day is to enjoy yourselves. If something happens to go wrong, just laugh and remember, twenty years down the track, you can tell your kids on their wedding day. This will scare the hell out of them, but you will be able to smile.

"How can we thank you enough, the ceremony that you helped us to write said exactly what we wanted it to say. And your professionalism was something that we will always remember. My sister is getting married next year and she was so impressed by your performance that she will be contacting you in the next week or two to book you for her ceremony."

Paul and Lisina

"Thank you for adding your special touches and humour to our wedding day. It was a great relief to feel at ease in your competent hands"

Lorraine and John
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