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Getting Married in Australia

Coming to Australia to get Married

Many people come to Australia to be married and this is quite legal. However, certain protocols must be followed:

  • Contact me for some ceremony suggestions to be emailed to you.
  • Download the “Notice of Intended Marriage” (Click Link and Save on your computer) and have it witnessed by one of those people permitted to witness this document overseas.
  • Scan and return by email to Ashley (the law requires me to see the signatures of the bride, groom and the witness) who must have this form a minimum of one calendar month and one day before that marriage can take place.
  • Alternately Fax to +61 7 3261 9199
  • Ensure that you bring the original form to Australia when you come.
  • Ensure that you bring: (1) Original Birth Certificate; (2) Original Divorce Certificate or; (3) Original Death Certificate; (4) Your passport

Once your marriage has taken place it will be registered under Australian Law, and depending on the country that you come from an Apostle Stamp may be needed to be fixed to the certificate to enable international recognition of the marriage.

Providing that the “Notice of Intended Marriage” (Click Link and Save on your computer) has been lodged within the prescribed time frame and you have the required documentation with you; you can be married at any time during your stay. There is NO minimum time of residence in Australia before the marriage can take place.

Fiancée Visa or Spouse Visa

To arrange for a bride or groom to be married and immigrate to Australia you need to complete a “Notice of Intended Marriage” (Click Link and Save on your computer) form. This should be supported with the Australian partners birth certificate and if that person has been previously married the divorce certificate or death certificate showing how the last marriage terminated.

Nevertheless, if these documents are not available then the form can still be completed and lodged. Provided that the necessary documentation is produced before the marriage takes place.

Once the form has been completed a letter is drafted to the stipulated embassy and given to the Australian partner to lodge with the remaining immigration papers.

Further information: About Marriage Ceremonies – click here

"How can we thank you enough, the ceremony that you helped us to write said exactly what we wanted it to say. And your professionalism was something that we will always remember. My sister is getting married next year and she was so impressed by your performance that she will be contacting you in the next week or two to book you for her ceremony."

Paul and Lisina

"Thank you for adding your special touches and humour to our wedding day. It was a great relief to feel at ease in your competent hands"

Lorraine and John
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Coming to Australia to get Married