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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. What is the minimum age of marriage in Australia?

A. The minimum age is 16 years. However permission from a parent/s and a Judge of a Magistrate is a legal requirement, and at least one party to the marriage must be over the age of 18 years. Persons 18 years and older do not need parental permission to marry

Q. How soon can we get married?

A. Unless there are mitigating circumstances you must wait one clear calendar month from the date that the “Notice of Intended Marriage” (Click Link and Save on your computer) form is lodged with the celebrant. However, under certain circumstances there is provision in the law to shorten this time down to just a few hours.

Q. Where can our ceremony take place?

A. Your ceremony can take place anywhere within Australia or Australian Territorial waters, at any time of the day or night.

Q. I have lost my divorce papers?

A. Apply to the Family Court for a copy. Supply as much information as you can and the court will issue a new Certificate of Divorce. The issue is not automatic and you should be prepared to wait for 1 to 3 weeks for the copy to arrive. There is also a minimal charge for the search and printing.

Q. I can not find my birth certificate or I have never had a birth certificate?

A. If you were born in Australian then your birth should have been registered, and a new birth certificate can be obtained at short notice from the State Registering Authority where you were born. If your birth was never registered then you must obtain a “Letter of No registration of Birth” from the state Registering Authority where you think you were born.

Q. Can we have our children involved in the ceremony?

A.Yes. This is a good idea as it will assist with the bonding of blended families.

Q. Can I write my own vows?

A. Yes providing the vow complies with the current Marriage Act clients are welcome to write their own vows, and ceremony. All ceremonies are written and approved before the day of the ceremony, to ensure that there are no nasty or unexpected surprises.

Q. Can we have a rehearsal?

A. Yes rehearsals can be carried out at the actual wedding venue or at my office, which ever is easier for the client.

Q. Can we combine other rituals into our ceremony?

A. Yes, providing the legal requirements of the Marriage Act are met, the client can have whatever they like in the ceremony.

Q. How does the celebrant dress?

A. Normally in a black suit with a white shirt and tie. However, I also have a “Monk’s Habit” that can be used for medieval and pagan weddings. I am also willing to dress according to the wishes of the client, providing there is a maintenance of decency.

"How can we thank you enough, the ceremony that you helped us to write said exactly what we wanted it to say. And your professionalism was something that we will always remember. My sister is getting married next year and she was so impressed by your performance that she will be contacting you in the next week or two to book you for her ceremony."

Paul and Lisina

"Thank you for adding your special touches and humour to our wedding day. It was a great relief to feel at ease in your competent hands"

Lorraine and John
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